1 Week Pregnant

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant or suspect that you are, there are several things to take into consideration. First of all, you need to avoid anything that may have adverse effects on your body as anything that effects you also effects your baby. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and any drugs not prescribed by your doctor are things to avoid. Week 1 of the pregnancy is when everything is getting set up in your body to carry your child.

Exercise, as long as you don’t overdo, can be good for you. It not only keeps you active but keeps you from gaining too much weight which can cause a harder pregnancy. It has been noted that exercise can help during childbirth and make it an easier experience. This initial few days when you find out for sure that you are expecting can be a joyous time and the happiness you experience from this will show.

During this time don’t overextend yourself but you don’t have to stop doing everything you love to do. Consult your doctor if you are unsure of what you can and cannot do. Week 1 of the pregnancy is the best time to start making sure you are getting plenty of rest. Also start watching your diet and make sure you eat the right foods. Eat healthy by making sure you get the correct amounts of the basic food groups. Avoid the old theory that you are eating for two. You may be however if you start eating enough for two grown people you will start to look like two grown people.

If you are a worrier try to find something to take your mind off of things that worry you. Take up yoga or meditate to try and find a way to channel your energy to thinking of good things instead of sitting around worrying. Your moods, even at this early stage, can be picked up by your baby. If you are jittery and nervous and moody, these mood will be picked up by the baby. Calm makes for a happier and less stressful pregnancy and your baby will be happier and not as cranky as a child born into stress.

There are not a lot of physical changes in week 1 of the pregnancy. Your body is changing on the inside but the outside hasn’t started yet. You may not even know that you are pregnant yet as tests to determine this are usually not accurate until day 8 or later. However the previous steps in taking care of yourself are the way to make sure that if you are planning a pregnancy and miss your period the earlier you start taking care of yourself the better.

One thing you may notice is a tenderness in the breast area similar to the tenderness felt with the onset of your period. Not all women experience this however. There are no sure fire ways of knowing for sure you are pregnant this early. But you may have that feeling that you are and it doesn’t hurt to start taking care of yourself as though you were.

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