Videos of Natural Childbirth

I scoured the internet for some free online birth videos and here is what I found.

Due to Google’s restrictions, I cannot embed the natural childbirth videos on this page.

Natural Childbirth Video 1: A Typical Hospital Birth

Watch the video on Youtube:

In this childbirth video, the pregnant woman is lying down on her back on a hospital bed. This is the most common way of giving birth. If you don’t really like being in a place you don’t like and having a bunch of strangers telling you what to do during labor, just take a look at the other videos to see if they appeal to you or not.

Natural Childbirth Video 2: Water Birth

Search on for “water births” to see a variety of videos on water births.

This is an alternative way of giving birth and some say water births are more natural and beneficial for both the baby and the mother.

In a typical water birth, the mother seems to be in a squatting position in the tub of water. Squatting in water during labor is much easier than squatting outside of it and this position is much better than the lying down position.

The pregnant women usually do not require anyone to help her pull out her baby. The baby will come straight out and float to the surface in like 1 or 2 seconds. It is advisable to hire a midwife to help the mother ensure a smooth delivery.

Unlike typical hospital childbirths, there is no rush to cut the baby’s umbilical cord during water births. They did the right thing of allowing the mother to bond with the baby first. There is very little risk of the baby drowning because they don’t breath through their lungs at birth. The water in the tubs cleanses the baby’s body therefore you do not need to grab a towel to clean up like you do during a traditional vaginal birth. You can get a water birth done at home with the help of a certified midwife or at specialized birthing centers.

Natural Childbirth Video 3: Birth As We Know It Trailer

The last video is a 10 minute trailer of the award winning film Birth As We Know It. The author seems to be promoting a more loving and conscious way of giving birth instead of the cold and unloving process of cesarean and other types of childbirth. She recommends the use of water births with a twist. There are circular hip motion exercises during labor to reduce the pain and she claims that you may even turn the pain into pleasure. What that means for you is a painless and pleasurable birth!

The author also claims that if you give birth to children in a more loving way, you will enable your kids to have a healthier head start in life with a clearer frame of mind without any subconscious trauma that was implanted into their psyches during birth. In this video, you will see a short clip of a caesarean childbirth. Notice how it was done in a cold and almost robotic manner without any love. Compare that with the woman who gave birth in the video, which one seems like a better option for you?

Natural Childbirth Video 4: The Ryan Family Birth at the Baby Place

This video is the birth experience of the Ryan family at the Baby Place birthing center. It is like a mini-documentary of their childbirth and why they choose the Baby Place to have a safe, sensitive and satisfying birth.


Now that you understand what childbirth is all about, which method do you think is the best for you? Take your time to make that important decision and I hope you have a wonderful childbirth!

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